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The contraceptive shop website is built with the desire to help women and provide full information about contraceptives available on the market. The main vector of development is centralized around the contraceptive products for women, like micro, mini pills and progestin-only pills

Dr. Elizabeth Goodwin

Consultant Gynaecologist

Dr. Goodwin is a specialist in fertility, gynaecology, abdominal pain, fertility treatment and general gynaecological concerns. Dr. Goodwin completed her undergraduate medical training in 2008 and continued her study at the Royal College  Of Gynaecologist, where she obtained sub-speciality training in Reproductive Medicine and General Gynaecology. Dr. Goodwin’s work has been recognized by various prestigious medical international awards. Dr. Goodwin is an active member of the British Fertility Society and RCOG.

Dr. Samantha Schultz

General Practitioner

Dr. Shultz got her qualification from Bristol University in 2010 and then undergo medical practice working in Canada, Germany and Belgium. Having finished her medical practice she continued her doctor’s career at the Working Family Planning Clinic. Dr. Shultz is a professional and experienced GP specialized in Women’s health. Samantha enjoys working with patients and understands the struggles of modern women. She has a special interest in helping women with family planning and contraception.

Dr. Sarah Atally

General Practitioner

Dr. Atally graduated from Manchester University in 2009. She completed her GP training in Edinburgh where she continued her work in private general practice. She has been awarded the advanced certificate in Women’s Health and then moved to London for complete specialist training at Guys Hospital London. Dr. Atally specializes in Women’s Health, menopause care and women’s contraception. Dr. Atally’s work received many international awards during her years of medical practice.

Our experts are professionals in the field of Women’s health. We believe that a free woman must take care of her health and assume control over her body. A responsible woman decides when she is ready to become a mother. We provide advice on contraceptive methods that will protect from undesired pregnancy and help with women’s health issues. That’s why we gathered only the most effective combined, progestogen only and morning after pills available on the market.

Our contraceptive shop is an open-source platform where women can obtain information regarding the most reliable female contraceptives and read about the latest achievements in women’s health.
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