Progestin Only Pills (Cerazette)


Cerazette is a hormone contraceptive that created for preventing pregnancy. It’s a type of contraception that’s called progestin only pill or mini pill POP. In other words, it does not contain oestrogen. As a result, medical experts recommend this contraceptive pill to patients who can’t tolerate oestrogen. 

The main active ingredient of this progestin only pill is desogestrel. Other medical products that contain desogestrel 75 micrograms include Feanolla, Zelleta and Cerazette. 

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The above mentioned information shouldn’t be considered as final medical advice. In the case of any concerns, please consult your medical expert. Do not put away your healthy well being!


Precautions and Possible side effects

Nevertheless, Mini Pill Cerazette is not for everybody. Even if most women will have only benefits from this method of contraception, you shouldn’t take it if:

  • You suffer from breast cancer;
  • You may have complications with liver or symptoms of liver cancer;
  • You are prone to thrombosis;
  • You suffer from diabetes;
  • You are epileptic or prone to epilepsy;
  • You have problems with blood pressure fluctuation;
  • You used to suffer or still experience symptoms of chloasma;
  • You are allergic to ingredients of Cerazette;
  • You are prone to blood clots formation.

If any of these cases are true for you, then you should avoid using POPs or any combined oral contraceptive COC.

What is Cerazette?

Cerazette pill is one of the most popular contraceptive pills on the market. It comes with some small amount of desogestrel which plays the role of the synthetic progestin. For more information about other components, you can read the patient information leaflet. The effects of Cerazette are proved by various medical studies, researches and tests. Moreover, if you take this contraceptive tablet according to instruction, you will have a 99% chance of avoiding unwanted pregnancy.

Cerazette works similarly like other POPs. There are three ways of action:

  • The active ingredient Desogestrel stops the ovaries from releasing the egg. In other words, it stops ovulation. 
  • It also increases the thickness of the natural mucus. Therefore, it makes harder for spermatozoids to reach the egg. As a result, fertilization, in this case, is almost impossible.
  • It makes the womb lining much thinner. In other words, even if the egg fertilized, the thin womb lining makes the egg implantation less possible.

Important to mention, that Cerazette works only when taken every day. There is no rest period with progestin only pills. At the same time, this contraceptive method will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, in this case, you should use an additional contraceptive. Otherwise, you can always refuse to have sex. 

Due to the composition of the ingredients, Cerazette may also be prescribed to heavy smokers, breastfeeding women and suffering from blood pressure. Do not forget that POPs may cause irregular bleeding and spotting. Moreover, it can even stop your period. 

Important to notice that during breastfeeding, the small amount of desogestrel may pass to the breast milk. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have any harmful effects on a baby. There are also certain medicines that will not stop the effect of Cerazette, like:

  • Modafinil;
  • Rifabutin;
  • Some herbal remedies;
  • HIV medicines.

The full list of medical products that interfere with the action of Cerazette you can find in the patient’s leaflet.


More advantages of this contraceptive method include:
  • Reduces non-cancerous breast diseases, ovarian cysts and fibroids.
  • Decreases of womb and colon cancer;
  • Normalizes menstrual cycle and makes periods less painful;
  • Protects from pelvic diseases.

How to take Cerazette?

Overall, the main goal of this method of contraception is to prevent pregnancy. Nevertheless, it does not stop abrupt pregnancy if you have it. Therefore, almost all medical experts recommend to start taking Cerazette on your first day of periods. It’s the only way for the 100% insurance that you are not currently pregnant. At the same time, nobody forbids you to start taking the contraceptive tablets as you are pleased. Still, one thing to remember, you will get fully protected against pregnancy after 7 days of regular intake.

What does it mean for you? Can you miss a pill? In no case, you should do that if you want to be protected. You should take the pill every day around the same time. If it has been less than 12 hours since your Cerazette missed pill, you need to take the missed one immediately. Even if it means to take 2 tablets on the same day. In this case, you do not need extra protection. On the other hand, if more than 12 hours passed, then take the missed tablet immediately. The next one should be taken as usual. Still, you will need to use extra protection for the next 7 days.


Cerazette Side Effects

Like any other medical product, Cerazette has side effects. 

The most common Cerazette side effects include:

  • Allergic reactions, like difficulties to swallow, to breathe or hives.Facial swelling, etc.
  • Mood changes;
  • Cerazette bleeding;
  • Nausea;
  • Cerazette acne;
  • Breast pain;
  • Cerazette weight gain (including body shape changes);
  • Irregular menstruation;
  • Headaches.

There are also other uncommon Cerazette pill side effects:

  • Tiredness;
  • Ovarian cyst;
  • Painful menstruation;
  • Hair problems (including hair loss);
  • Vomiting;
  • Viginal discharge.

The rarest side effects include:

  • Red itchy skin;
  • Painful sin lumps;
  • Symptoms of cancer.

If you experience common side effects, you will need to stop using Cerazette. In the case of uncommon conditions, you will also need to consult your doctor. In cases of rare conditions, please, call emergency services.


How to stop bleeding on Cerazette?

Unfortunately, taking Cerazette in the first months may cause some irregular spotting. Nevertheless, most women do not experience this side effect. Other stop bleeding after several months of intake. Still, if you continue to bleed, then you may need to consult with your doctor on this matter. He/she may prescribe you a combined pill that contains oestrogen. This hormone intake may help with irregular bleeding.

Is Desogestrel the same as Cerazette?

Contraceptive pill Cerazette is the brand version of Desogestrel. The difference is that Desogestrel is a generic version of the mini-pill.

Does Cerazette stop periods?

This POP stops ovulation and in some cases may even stop your period. Nevertheless, it depends from one person to another.

ow effective is Cerazette?

If you take this pill correctly, you may have a 99% chance of avoiding pregnancy. Important to mention, that there is no contraception that gives you 100% guarantee to avoid unwanted conceiving.

How long does Cerazette take to work?

It usually needs 7 days to start working. For this reason, you will need to start taking it on the first day of your periods.

Is Cerelle the same as Cerazette?

Cerelle vs Cerazette? What is better? Both contain the same active ingredient desogestrel. In other words, they are almost the same, but some minor ingredients dosages may be different. That’s why you should ask a medical specialist what is best for you.

Can I buy Cerazette over the counter?

It’s quite possible, but you can’t do that without a prescription. However, you can get a prescription from our licensed pharmacy. You just need to get through the medical questionnaire and get the product directly to your doorstep.

Does Cerazette affect pregnancy tests?

The hormones in the pill will not affect the test. Still, these types of contraceptives affect the womb lining. Due to that, you may not have periods that can be mistaken for pregnancy.

How long after stopping Cerazette will I ovulate?

Most women will have periods in two weeks after coming off Cerazette. Once the natural period is restored, you can expect to have ovulation according to your cycle.

How long does Cerazette stay in your system?

This type of contraception needs about two weeks to leave the system. The most obvious signal for that will be the start of your periods.