Progestin Only Pills (Cerelle)


Cerelle is a film coated tablet used for preventing pregnancy. It’s a mini pill or otherwise known as a progestin-only pill. This hormonal contraceptive does not contain oestrogen, like combined pills. It only contains desogestrel. This oral form of contraception should be used daily for the best effect. Nevertheless, it does not provide an instant effect, but if you take it regularly, you will not get pregnant.

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The above mentioned information should not be considered as final medical advice. In case of any concerns regarding the product, please consult with your medical expert. Do not put your well-being aside and take care of your health.


Precautions and Possible side effects

Take notice that the Cerelle contraceptive pill does not suit everyone. Avoid using the product, if you have one of the following medical conditions:

  • You have an allergy to desogestrel or other components of Cerelle tablets. You can find the full list in the patient information leaflet. 
  • You are prone to thrombosis or blood clots formation. This condition leads to the obstruction of blood vessels. Therefore, it causes deep vein thrombosis, severe liver disease, heart attack and strokes. 
  • If you have problems with the liver or kidneys. It’s usually defined by the yellowish skin under the eyes. This medical problem needs deep medical analysis. 
  • If you have symptoms of cancer or undergo chemical procedures.
  • If you experience unexplained vaginal bleeding.

What is Cerelle?

Cerelle mini pill is an anti-pregnancy effective method for unprotected sex. For the best effect, this type of prevent pregnancy contraception should be taken at the same time each day. Overall, these tablets contain a small amount of female sex hormone called the progestogen. You can see the synthetic version of it in the form of desogestrel. In any case, these types of products can be also called POPs or progestin-only pills.

One of the main differences with combined pills is an absence of oestrogen. Therefore, medical specialists may recommend Cerelle for women who are sensitive to oestrogen. The POPs work mainly by not letting sperm entering the womb. Still, they do not prevent the egg from ripening. This is usually a prerogative of combined contraceptive pills.

The distinct difference of Cerelle comparing to other contraceptives is the dose of progestin. In some cases, it may be enough from preventing the ripening of the egg. Therefore, Cerelle provides a high efficacy in case of preventing pregnancy. 

Still, one of the disadvantages is the irregular bleeding in the first months on Cerelle. However, you may not have bleeding at all. It varies from person to person. 

Overall, Cerelle works in three distinctive ways:

  • Firstly, it stops the ovaries from releasing the egg. In other words, you will not have ovulation. 
  • Secondly, it increases the thickness of the mucus in the womb. Therefore, spermatozoids will have almost no chances of reaching the egg.
  • Thirdly, it thins the womb lining (in the medical term “endometrium”). As a result, the fertilized egg will not be able to implant.

Important to mention, Cerelle hormonal contraceptive will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. In this case, you will need to use an additional contraceptive, like a condom. Otherwise, you can always refuse to have sex. 


More advantages of this contraceptive method include:
  • Reduces non-cancerous breast diseases, ovarian cysts and fibroids.
  • Decreases of womb and colon cancer;
  • Normalizes menstrual cycle and makes periods less painful;
  • Protects from pelvic diseases.

How to take Cerelle?

Every tablet of Cerelle contains 75 micrograms of Desogestrel as the active ingredient. For the full list of other ingredients contained in the product, please read the patient information leaflet. This medicine will only have a 99 effective usage chance if taken correctly. Every strip contains 28 pills. You will the weekday of taking on each strip above the dose. Please, swallow one pill with water every day at the same time. 

You must follow the days on the strip until the strip is empty. When it’s empty, you should take a new strip and start the cycle again. In other words, you shouldn’t miss a dose.

One Cerelle missed pill is not a problem if you take it within 12 hours. It may mean to take two doses in one day. No extra protection needed. If more than 12 hours passed, then you need to take two doses at the day. However, in this case, you are not fully protected from pregnancy. That’s why you should take extra protection for the next 7 days. This is enough for full restoration of the contraception effectiveness.

Important to realize, that Cerelle does not start working immediately. It usually needs 7 days to start working. Therefore, your medical specialist will recommend you to take the dose on the first day of your periods. It will ensure that you are not pregnant.


Cerelle side effects

Like any other medical product that guarantees you to be protected against pregnancy, POPs have side effects.

The most common Cerelle side effects include:

  • Allergic reactions, like difficulties to swallow, to breathe or hives. Facial swelling, etc.
  • Mood swings;
  • Cerelle bleeding;
  • Nausea;
  • Acne;
  • Breast pain;
  • Cerelle weight gain (including body shape changes);
  • Irregular menstruation;
  • Headaches.

There are also other uncommon Cerelle pill side effects:

  • Tiredness;
  • Ovarian cyst;
  • Painful menstruation;
  • Hair problems (including hair loss);
  • Vomiting;
  • Viginal discharge.

The rarest side effects include:

  • Red itchy skin;
  • Painful sin lumps;
  • Symptoms of cancer.

If you experience common side effects, you will need to stop using Cerelle. In the case of uncommon conditions, you will also need to consult your doctor. In cases of rare conditions, please, call emergency services.


How to stop bleeding on Cerelle?

Some women may experience irregular spotting on the pill. This usually happens in the first months of intake and may stop after several months. Irregular bleeding may be stabilized with oestrogen pills. For more information, you can ask your medical expert.

Does Cerelle stop periods?

It will stop the egg from ovulation. So, in some way, it will stop your period. Nevertheless, you may experience irregular bleeding on progestin-only pills.

Is Cerelle the same as Cerazette?

These two products have a similar composition of ingredients. It’s especially true for the active ingredient – desogestrel. Therefore, medical experts may allow you to substitute one with another.

Does Cerelle cause weight gain?

According to the Cerelle pill reviews, you may gain weight on POPs. Nevertheless, it’s only the slightest changes in weight.

Is Desomono the same as Cerelle?

These two medical products have similar ingredients composition. Nevertheless, you need to consult with your doctor before taking any of them. 

Is Rigevidon same as Cerelle?

Rigevidon is a combined contraceptive pill that contains Levonorgestrel 150 mg and Ethinylestradiol 30 mg. Cerelle is the progestin-only pill.

Is Desorex the same as Cerelle?

Desorex relates to the same category of progestin-only pills as Cerelle. They have a similar composition of components and the same active ingredients.

Does Cerelle affect fertility?

There are still researches and studies that show the interesting result in the case of fertility after pills. Some studies show that women may actually boost their fertility on the pill. It all comes with the suppression of ovulation mechanism. 

Statistically speaking, in the first 30 months after stop using contraception, women have much better chances to get pregnant. However, other studies suggest that women over 30 comings after the pill, will need more time to get pregnant.

How long after taking Cerelle am I protected?

Cerelle usually starts work after 7 days of intake. After this period, if you take it on a regular basis, you are protected 24/7.

Can Cerelle cause anxiety?

One of the side effects of this method of contraception suggests mood swings. These mood swings may also cause anxiety. Nevertheless, not all women will experience side effects.