Morning After Pill (Levonelle)


Levonelle pill is the type of contraception which you use when your daily contraceptive method has failed. In other words, it’s a morning after pill developed for women who had sex experience with little to no protection. The product contains a synthetic hormone called Levonorgestrel. According to various researches, this hormonal contraception prevents an unexpected pregnancy in 84% of cases. Nevertheless, for this to happen, a woman will need to take the dosage within 72 hours.

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The above mentioned information is not final medical advice. We try to provide correct data about the effectiveness and action of the product. Still, we can hold no eligibility for the research or trials. In case of any questions, please consult with your doctor or pharmacist.


Precautions and Possible side effects

The morning after pill Levonelle does not suit for women under 16. If you are under 16, please, consult with a family planning clinic. Moreover, you shouldn’t use this morning after pill if:

  • You have a history of ectopic pregnancy;
  • You suffered from liver problems;
  • You may have a problem with your bowel (for instance, Crohn’s disease);
  • It has passed more than 72 hours 3 days since your last unprotected sex experience. In this case, you may already be pregnant. Therefore, you may need to buy a pregnancy test instead. It’s especially true if your period is more than 7 days late;
  • You have an allergic reaction towards an active ingredient of Levonelle or its other components.

What is Levonelle?

Levonelle effectiveness has been proven by various medical trials and studies. Still, it only works within 72 hours 3 days period. If more time has passed, then you will have no benefits from Levonelle 1500. In most cases, the best period to take it is within 12 hours. This type of contraception works mainly in three ways:

  • It stops the ovaries from the egg releasing;
  • It’s effective in preventing sperm from fertilizing the egg.

Important to notice that this type of emergency contraception is for women who weight less than 70 kg. Other medicines used to treat unexpected pregnancy without weight limits. There is no limit on having many emergency pills you can take in during the menstrual cycle. However, medical experts do not recommend to use morning after products as the daily contraceptive method.

If you want to use daily protection, it’s better to use progestin-only or combined contraceptives. One more thing to notice, no oral contraception will protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. In this case, you have an option to use extra protection, like condoms. Otherwise, you can always refuse to have sex.

Moreover, you should also remember that Levonelle pill effectiveness will have interactions with conditions, like:

  • Liver disease;
  • Breast malignancy;
  • Thrombosis;
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding;
  • Weight gain;
  • Retinal thrombosis;
  • Fluid retention;
  • Depression.

Do not take Levonorgestrel if you also take the following products:

  • Caffeine;
  • Citalopram;
  • Azithromycin;
  • Augmentin;
  • Allegra;
  • Advil;
  • Adderall;
  • Ibuprofen;
  • Ethinylestradiol;
  • Paracetamol;
  • Zoloft;
  • Vyvanse;
  • Valium;
  • Zyrtec;
  • Tylenol;
  • Prozac.

Do not forget that alcohol can also interact with Levonelle pill effectiveness. Moreover, some food can also have affected the product. For this reason, you will need to take the pill preferably with water. At the same time, Levonelle does not prevent a pregnancy if you are already pregnant. The most effective intake window is preferably within 12 hours after having unprotected sex.


More advantages of this contraceptive method include:
  • Reduces non-cancerous breast diseases, ovarian cysts and fibroids.
  • Decreases of womb and colon cancer;
  • Normalizes menstrual cycle and makes periods less painful;
  • Protects from pelvic diseases.

How to take Levonelle?

Every dosage of Levonelle contains 1500 mcg of Levonorgestrel. Other ingredients include:

  • Lactose monohydrate;
  • Talc;
  • Magnesium stearate;
  • Colloidal silica anhydrous;
  • Maize starch;
  • Potato starch.

Each pack of Levonelle serves as a complete treatment in one round. If you take it correctly, the product will prevent fertilising any egg. However, you should take it at least 72 hours after having unprotected sex. According to various researches, the best effect comes within 12 hours of intake. In this case, the effectiveness may come up to 99%. Otherwise, the average rating for protection in this product is about 84%..

Levonelle start working within several hours of intake. Nevertheless, if you are feeling sick vomit, you may spit out the dosage. In this case, there will be no effect. If everything goes according to the instruction from the patient information leaflet, you will be safe from unwanted pregnancy. Still, if more than 3 days of unprotected sex have passed, Levonelle may not be effective.


Levonelle Side Effects

Like any other medical product, Levonelle has side effects

Most common Levonelle side effects:

  • You may feel sick after intake (In some cases it causes nausea or vomiting);
  • Tiredness;
  • Abdominal pain;
  • Irregular bleeding;
  • Headache.

Very rare (the chance of occurance is 0,1%) Levonelle side effects:

  • Rash;
  • Swelling of the face;
  • Painful period;
  • Pelvic pain;
  • Urticaria.

If you experience common side effects, you will need to stop using Levonelle. In the case of uncommon conditions, you will also need to consult your doctor. In cases of rare conditions, please, call emergency services.


How does Levonelle work?

There are two main courses of action for this medical product that helps to stop unwanted pregnancy:

– By stopping ovaries from the egg releasing;
– By preventing sperm from reaching the egg.

Due to these courses of action, if you take the product correctly, you don’t have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy.

Can you take Levonelle twice in one cycle?

You can take emergency pills more than once in your cycle. However, you should not consider it as your regular way of contraception. Use daily pills (combined or progestin only) for daily protection.

Is Levonelle effective?

Various medical experts prove that Levonelle effectiveness is around 84% if you take it within 72 hours after sex. At the same time, the level of efficiency may increase if you take it within 12 hours. If more than 72 hours passed, this product may not be effective for you.

Can you take Levonelle twice a week?

There is no restriction on how many pills you can take in one week. Please, do not take it more than one pill at the same time. Moreover, do not use emergency pills as your daily method of contraception.

Does Levonelle delay your period?

EllaOne or Levonelle may make your period come sooner or later than usual. It depends on many factors, like the food you have consumed after or prior to the pill. Some medical products can also affect the delay in your period.

Where can I buy Levonelle?

You can buy it from the EU authorized online pharmacy. You just need to register, then fill in the online medical questionnaire to get your prescription. Then you fill in your address and payment information. As a result, in a short period of time, you will get Levonelle.

How often can you take Levonelle?

Do not take more than one pill at the same time. There is no restriction on how many times you can take emergency pills. At the same time, do not use them as your daily pills.

How long do Levonelle side effects last?

Most women do not experience any side effects of taking Levonelle. Side effects longevity varies from one person to another.  There are no medical studies that researched how long the side effects may last

How long does Levonelle delay ovulation?

It depends from one person to another. There is no medical research that can give enough data on this question.

Can you take Levonelle twice in a month?

You can take this product more than one time in a month. At the same time, you shouldn’t take it as your daily contraception methods.