Combined pills (Mercilon)


Mercilon is a popular contraceptive protection method, usually known as “the pill”. The basis of the complex structure for this medication represents a progestogen and oestrogen. Medical experts usually prescribe it to women for preventing unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, the key points of Mercilon pill include:

  • One of the most guaranteed methods of contraception;
  • Does not dull, disrupt or interrupt joy from having sex;
  • Helps periods to go lighter and less painful;
  • Soothes premenstrual symptoms.
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The above mentioned information can in no way be treated as medical advice. Please, contact a doctor in case of having questions or concerns.


Precautions and Possible side effects

Do not take Mercilon pills if you are allergic to the components of this medical product. Important to realize that this product will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. In this case, use condoms or refuse to have sex. 

This form of contraception is effective in 99% of cases on the condition, if you take it correctly. Therefore, please read the leaflet before administering the pill to yourself. Moreover, it’s not suitable for women who are prone to blood clots.

Some research even linked taking this product to an increased risk of breast and cervix cancer. Still, it’s only a small percentage of women, like 1 in 100,000. Moreover, most women have no side effects and fully use the benefits of Microgynon.

What Mercilon is and what it is used for?

Birth control pills – Mercilon is a combined contraceptive method prescribed to prevent pregnancy. This medication is intended for oral usage only. One dosage contains female hormones, like progestogen and oestrogen. These hormones work as a prevention mechanism that doesn’t allow the ovaries to release an egg. At the same time, the medication produces so called mucus. This substance makes the cervix thicker which proves to be difficult for sperm to enter the womb.

In other words, if you use birth control pills Mercilon according to the patient information leaflet, you won’t get pregnant. Nevertheless, consider taking precautionary measures. 

When you buy Mercilon, you need to follow all of its administering cycle. The minimum cycle is 21 days following 7 days free of pills. Accordingly, you don’t need to use any extra contraception method during the 7 days free period. In conclusion, to prevent unwanted pregnancy, follow the instructions in the patient`s leaflet.

How to take Mercilon?

Mercilon works perfectly when you take it every day for 21 days (the minimum cycle). The pills are marked with days of the week. Therefore, to prevent unnecessary pregnancy, you will need to follow the full cycle. In order to do that, please, consider taking the following steps:

  • You must take your pill at the same time daily;
  • All pills are marked by the days of the week. Therefore, take a pill that corresponds to the marked day on the pill.
  • You will need to take pills each day for 21 days without any day break.
  • Swallow the whole pill. Take a glass of water if you need it.

When you finish your 21 days cycle with Mercilon extra contraception pill, you will have 7 pill free days. You should have the withdrawal bleeding within the few days after the cycle. Do not worry, it’s natural and similar to the menstrual cycle periods. When the pill free period is over, you will need to restart your 21 days cycle again.



What do I need to know before using Mercilon?

First, read carefully the risks about this medical product from the leaflet. You will need to understand the benefits and side effects before taking the pills.
Secondly, read carefully the blood clots information in the leaflet. If blood clots occur when you take Mercilon, please, consult your doctor.
Thirdly, this type of contraceptive doesn’t protect from sexually transmitted infections. Please, use condoms in this matter.

What are the possible side effects of Mercilon?

According to the Mercilon reviews, the common Mercilon side effects include:

– Headaches;
– Mood changes (Still, there is no medical evidence of so called Mercilon depression);
– High blood pressure;
– Breakthrough bleeding between periods;
– Libido changes;
– Breast pain;
– Abdominal pain;
– Skin reactions;
– General feeling sick.

I missed a pill, what should I do?

If you’ve missed a pill, you need to take the missed pill as soon as possible. Even if it means that you take two pills in one day. After that, you may continue taking pills as usual. 

How to store Mercilon?

Keep the pills away from children. Always check the expiry date of the product. Do not take Mercilon if its usage date is expired. The optimal degree for storage is below 25 C. Store the product only in the original package from sun and moisture.

Can I start taking Mercilon any time of the month?

There is no restriction on what time of the month is best to take the medication. Nevertheless, according to the Mercilon pill reviews, it’s better to start at the beginning of the month. The reason for that is the 21 days cycle plus 7 free days. Therefore, if you add the days you will get 28 days in total which almost equals one month. So, it’s just very convenient to start with at the beginning of the month, but it’s not necessary.

Can Mercilon cause anal bleed?

Mercilon doesn’t have rectal bleeding in the full list of adverse effects. Therefore, if you have this condition, please, consult your doctor. The most common reasons for anal bleeding include:

– Diverticulum;
– Colitis;
– Cancer;
– Anal tumor;
– Polyps;
– Hemorrhoids.

Other reasons for anal bleeding may be HIV, liver and bowel diseases.

Can Mercilon cause Crohn’s disease?

In the Mercilon patients leaflet, you won’t find Crohn’s disease in the list of side effects. Nevertheless, diarrhea, as one of the side effects, may worsen Crohn’s symptoms. Therefore, you shouldn’t take this medical product if you have Crohn’s disease.

Does marijuana affect Mercilon birth control?

Unfortunately, there are not enough researches that show clear interactions between Mercilon pills and Marijuana. Nevertheless, tetrahydrocannabinol contained in Marijuana can elevate blood pressure. Therefore, if you have certain blood or heart health conditions, avoid taking Marijuana. 

Does Mercilon have drospirenone?

According to the Mercilon patients leaflet, this product contains:

– Progestogen desogestrel;
– Oestrogen estradiol;
– Potato starch;
– Providone;
– Lactose;
– Aerosol;
– Stearic acid;
– DL Alpha Tocopherol.

Please, read only reliable information contained in the leaflet.

Does Mercilon help acne?

There is not enough medical information that could deny or prove that this product helps with acne. Nevertheless, according to some Mercilon contraceptive pill reviews, this medical product may affect the overall condition of your skin. 

How long before Mercilon affects my body?

It usually needs less than 24 hours for Mercilon to take action. Nevertheless, you will need to follow the instructions from the leaflet to be fully protected from unwanted pregnancy.

How long to get pregnant after Mercilon?

You can start trying to conceive a baby right after 21 days period. At the same time, medical experts recommend waiting till your natural period comes in. It will indicate that your eggs are ready for fertilization. Important to realize that you can’t get pregnant during the withdrawal bleeding on the free from the pills week.

How safe is Mercilon pill?

Mercilon has gone through all necessary medical tests in Europe and the USA. According to various scientific studies, this contraceptive drug is found to be an effective anti-pregnancy pill. Therefore, if you take it correctly, you will not have problems with an unwanted pregnancy.