Best Contraceptive Pill

The best contraceptive pill for you!

There are over two dozens COCs to choose from. Nevertheless, it’s really difficult to find the best contraceptive pill that suits you most. For this reason, you need to follow this guide to understand the main principles of choosing your contraceptive.

Does the best contraceptive pill exist?

If you want to get the short answer then it’s “no”. In other words, there is no way to create an ideal contraceptive pill. This type of contraceptive may suit to your friend or even relative, but deem to be uncomfortable for you.

Nevertheless, all contraceptive pills are really effective if you follow the general rules of intake. A different contraceptive acts differently on your body. Therefore, you may need to try different types of contraceptive tablets to find the one for you.

There are several factors that will determine whether the medical product is good for you. These factors may include your lifestyle, medical history, and general health. All contraceptive pills contain artificial hormones, but they may vary in quantity. Moreover, some contraceptive pills you need to take every day without days off and others need about one week off the pill. 

That’s why you need to consult with your doctor about contraceptive pills. Most pills need a prescription from a medical specialist. He/she will determine which contraceptive product you should consider for the first time. Moreover, if you have any health conditions that may interact with the medical product.

What are the most-well known contraceptive products?

There are two main types of contraceptive pills you can find on the market. The first one is called combined pills. They usually consist of progesterone and oestrogen. Their main course of action is preventing the egg from releasing in the ovaries. Therefore, the synthetic hormones in the combined pills are excellent to prevent pregnancy from happening. In addition, combined contraceptives change mucus consistency to stop spermatozoids from fertilizing the egg. 

You might have heard about the most well known contraceptives:

Another type of contraceptives is called the “mini-pill”, they only contain progesterone. Therefore, women who are not tolerant of synthetic progesterone may benefit from having the “mini-pill”. Still, you shouldn’t use this type of contraception if you are over 35 or a heavy smoker. In these cases, the mini-pills may not be effective. 

The most common mini-pills are:

How to choose the best contraceptive pill for you?

Finding the best contraceptive pill is not easy. It’s more like trying different options and finding the best. Therefore, you may need to ask yourself several questions:

  • Will you be happy on the 7-day break off the pill?  Some contraceptives may provide you an option of getting one week off the pill.
  • Do you need extra benefits from this contraceptive? For instance, if you suffer from heavy periods or want some improvements with your acne, you may try combined oral contraceptives.
  • Are you aware of side effects and ready to cope with them? All medical products have side effects. Check the patient’s leaflet to know all possible side effects.
  • Should I stick to one contraceptive? Do not forget that your medical health will determine which type of contraception will suit you the best.
  • Should you get your treatment online? Getting contraceptive pills online is quite comfortable as you don’t have to leave your house. 
Should you get your treatment online?

Getting contraceptive pills online is quite comfortable as you don’t have to leave your house.

What pill should I use to improve acne?

If you suffer from acne, then combined oral contraceptives will be better for you. Combined contraceptives contain oestrogen that researches find helpful in case of acne. 

The main reason why acne comes to place in the first place is hormonal imbalance. That’s why teenagers get acne when they go through the puberty. Some groups of hormones, like androgens, produce sebum. This oily substance protects your skin, but if you get too much of it, then you start getting acne. Too much sebum may block pores and lead to spots. Therefore, oestrogen may counteract androgens. As a result, it will improve your skin condition.

What about the mini-pill? Well, one of their side effects is getting oily skin. In other words, if you struggle from acne, then you need to avoid the mini-pill.

On the other hand, combined contraceptives also contain progesterone that may cause acne.

What pill is good for losing weight?

You may worry that oral contraceptives may cause weight gain. Still, no studies show that oral contraceptives may directly cause weight gain. 

Research showed that there is no real connection between combined pills and progesterone-only tablet. The truth is that women who are on the pills and the ones who do not use pills gain weight in the same manner. 

In the case of combined methods, women may feel some urge to eat more depending on hormones. At the same time, even with this cringe of eating more happens, it will not lead to obesity in any way. The only case of gaining weight on combined pills may be a poor choice of diet. 

In the case with mini-pills, the progesterone may play a little bit bigger role in the weight. The progestin-only tablets may make the body to retain more fluid inside. Therefore, it can cause bloating, but it’s just a short term effect.

Therefore, if you want to completely avoid getting weight even in case of the retention fluids, you may need to choose combinatory contraceptives. You will also need to speak to your doctor about any hormonal contraception you are about to take.

Mood swings on the pill – how to cope with them?

Oral contraceptives use the synthetic version of natural hormones. Therefore, like natural hormones, they may affect your mood. Do not forget that even some small changes in the hormone balance may change your sleep, sex and overall health.

Mood swings can be another side effect you will need to cope. It’s especially true during your pills a free week. The main reason is the drop in oestrogen during this week. However, medical experts still recommend taking combined contraceptives to ease up mood swings and PMS. 

Some studies showed that combined pills filled with oestrogen and progesterone have less effect on the mood. 

If you do have bad mood swings on the tablet, then going on the low-dose tablets may be a good option. These medications contain less amount of oestrogen. The most popular solutions in terms of brands here are Mercilon, Millinette and Gedarel.

Nevertheless, the effect may vary from person to person. The hormonal balance is different for everyone. At the same time, according to different statistics, mood changes usually happen only in the first months of the intake. 

How do pills affect breastfeeding?

If you are breastfeeding, then the best option for you is mini-pills. Still, before taking any steps towards these pills, you better catch with your doctor.

The thing is that if you are breastfeeding, you shouldn’t take the tablets that contain oestrogen. This hormone usually decreased the amount of milk you produce during breastfeeding. Moreover, it can greatly affect the quality of milk. That’s why medical experts do not recommend to take combined contraceptives.

The mini-pills or progesterone-only pills contain only progesterone that is completely safe for you and your baby. Without oestrogen, the quality and quantity of breast milk you produce.

Do not forget that the time frame that you need to take the pill is about 2-3 hours. You need to take the pill every day.

What pills should you take if you suffer from migraines?

Changes in hormone levels may cause migraines. For this reason, mini-pills may be a good solution as they contain only progesterone. Thus, contraceptives that contain oestrogen are more likely to cause migraines.

Nevertheless, the combined pills with a low dose (20 mcg or less) also have less chance to cause migraine. They do not usually severally change the hormonal balance, so no headaches should come in.

You will have fewer chances of getting migraines during your pill-free week. This is usually caused by the sudden drop of the oestrogen. Nevertheless, if you have the migraines during the pill-free weeks, you may need to consult your doctor. In this case, she may prescribe you the contraceptives that do not require breaks.

Contraceptives with least side effects?

Most side effects of the medicaments caused by contraceptives are due to the hormonal imbalances. Therefore, extra oestrogen or progesterone in your body may increase the chance of side effects. 

Some women may also need time to get used to contraceptive pills. Therefore, they may experience side effects in the first several months, then their bodies just get used to the pill. At the same time, pills with lower doses of hormones may decrease side effects:

  • Mini pills have fewer side effects due to no oestrogen;
  • Low-dose combined pills provide fewer chances of side effects.

Low-dose contraceptives:

  • Sunya 20;
  • Millinette 20;
  • Mercilon;
  • Loestrin 20;
  • Gedarel 20;
  • Fermodette. 

Mini pills:

  • Noriday;
  • Norgeston;
  • Cerazette;
  • Cerelle.

Differences between second and third generations

The first generation of pills was actually filled with high dosage of oestrogen. The high amount of hormones in the first generation provoked myths for the second and third generation. The last generations have much fewer side effects connected to the hormones. 

Branded second generations include Loestrin, Logynon and Microgynon. They have much lower doses of hormones. Most pills of the second generation need a prescription from a doctor. The second-generation causes much less weight gain and water retention.

The third generation of contraceptive pills includes even lower doses of hormones. The branded versions of the third generation include Marvelon and Cilest.

You can even find the 4th generation of contraceptive pills. They have a slightly newer type of progesterone. One of the representatives of the 4th generation is Yasmin.

All pills have their advantages and disadvantages, but only you can decide whatever is best for you. 

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